Game Information (VSS)

Domain Name: Collateral Damage
Domain Number: TX-058-D
Venue Type:
Venue Storyteller:
Venue Website:

Game Times and Location:

Styles of Play & Rating (1-5):
(1) Never present (2) Sometimes present (3) Often present (4) Usually present (5) Always present

  •  Action (Combat and Challenges):
  •  Character Development (Personal Dilemmas and Choices):
  •  Darkness (PC Death and Corruption):
  •  Drama (Ceremony and Grand Story):
  •  Intrigue (Politics and Negotiation):
  •  Manners (Social Etiquette and Peer Pressure):
  •  Mystery (Enigmas and Investigation):
  •  Pace (How fast stories emerge, develop, and resolve):

Domain Boundaries:
The Domain Boundaries of the Collateral Damage Domain (TX-058) are defined at:

Domain History:
The Timeline for the Collateral Damage Domain (TX-058) is defined at:

Theme & Mood: TBD

Storyteller Provisions:
The policy for Storyteller Provisions is at:

Venue Provisions: TBD

Visiting Character Guidelines:
The policy for visiting characters can be found at:

Proxy Rules:
The policy for proxy requests can be found at:

Experience Award Guidelines:
The policy for experience point guidelines can be found at:

Specific VSS:
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