Proxy Rules

All proxy requests must be received by the Presiding Storyteller in writing no less than 48 hours before the announced start of game, and must include the information listed below:

  • A full character sheet, including creation log, experience log.
  • A record of any Approvals for items, powers, etc.
  • Duration of proxy, including start and stop dates.
  • VST/DST/RST Contact information.

The proxy information must describe what the character intends to achieve as well as any actions or items that will be using in-game. Other helpful information includes a description of the character, the character’s attitudes and common behaviors, actions in possible situations, and security measures should trouble arise.

Each character will be evaluated on an individual basis and may be subject to denial. All proxies are considered “hard” for purposes of determining possible outcomes.  By submitting a request for proxy, the player agrees that the character being submitted is subject to the same risks as an “active” character, up to and including character death.