Visting Character Guidelines

  • Any character requiring High-level or higher approval for character or any character requiring High-level or higher approval for other items, powers, etc., requires prior approval from the Presiding Storyteller to participate. Players showing up at a game with such characters who have not received prior approval may not be allowed to participate with those characters or may be told they may participate only without their High approval items. To seek prior approval, contact the VST well in advance of the visit.
  • The Presiding Storyteller reserves the right to disallow a character to participate if that character directly contradicts the theme and/or mood of the game, or is otherwise incompatible with the game and/or setting. The Presiding Storyteller makes such determinations at their discretion. An explanation will be given why the PC is not being allowed into the game. The player will be provided an opportunity to make up another character on the spot that is compatible with the game, or will be given other opportunities to participate.
  • Any player bringing in a character to game must be prepared to answer questions regarding the rationale of their decision to travel to the defined boundaries of the Collateral Damage Domain.