Domain Boundries

The Collateral Damage Domain (TX-058) consists of Dallas County, Denton County, and Collin County.  Additionally, some areas outside of those direct Counties may sometimes be employed as part of a Storyline.  This does not preclude the jurisdictional area of other predefined Domains as determined by Mind’s Eye Society, nor does it imply a proxy out to areas without prior consent of all appropriate parties.

Dallas and the surrounding areas have been in contention by many supernatural species over the decades.  While there is no active war between the different Genres and Sects, the potential for conflict exists with varying degrees for all of them.  Dallas County, at 2.5 Million individuals, is by far the largest of these areas.  This area is primarily held by the local Kindred population, although South East Dallas is rumored to hold a small contingency of Werewolves.  Collin County, at 800 thousand individuals, is the next largest area in terms of gross population; however it boasts some of the more affluent cities in the general Dallas area.  For those Kindred who do not hold direct fealty to the local Prince of Dallas, many have come to find this place a refuge.  Additionally, the largest group of Mages is believed to reside in this area.  Finally, at a population of around 700 thousand, Denton county is growing at a rising pace.  Denton County remains one of the more fractured areas, with smaller conflicts happening between the more aggressive members of the different supernatural groups.  This also appears to be the primary location of the enigmatic Changelings, who manage to thrive in an area others would consider too hostile.

Any player that has a character entered into a local VSS may choose to have their character reside anywhere within the defined boundaries of the Collateral Damage Domain with Low Approval.  Owning any significant structure within the defined boundaries of the Collateral Damage Domain (such as Reunion Tower, Bank of America building, the Cotton Bowl) requires Domain Storyteller Approval.