Requiem Character Creation Cheat Sheet

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Step One: Character Concept

This is the first building block of your character. Summarize your concept in a few words, or a phrase. Imagine you had to quickly describe your character to another – how would you do it?

Step Two – Seven: Character Creation Process

  • Select Attributes (5/4/3)
  • Select Skills (11/7/4)
  • Select Skill Specialties (Choose three – remember these are from your mortal life!)
  • Add Vampire Template: Choose Clan and Covenant, Choose Conspiracy (if any)
  • Select Favored Attribute bonus dot (see VTR:92)
  • Determine Blood Potency (begins at 1, but may spend Merits or XP to increase)
  • Choose Disciplines (3 dots, 2 must be from Clan Disciplines)
  • Select Merits (7 dots)
  • Determine starting Willpower, Humanity, Virtues/Vices

Step Eight: Mind’s Eye Society Advantages

  • Add 15 XP per MC level you possess (ex. MC5 starts with 75 XP)
  • Add MC Milestones:Apply any XP refunds from MC bonuses (see Addendum for details)
    • MC1 – Gain additional 30 XP. This happens before the other.
    • MC3 – Gain three Skill Specialties. Cannot use to Specialize in a supernatural power.
    • MC6 – Gain one (or raise one) Merit at 3 dots, after all XP is spent. No fighting styles, Character Creation only merits, or Power Stats can be chosen.
    • MC9 – Gain one (or raise one) Skill at 3 dots, after all XP is spent.
    • MC12 – Raise one Attribute to 3 dots, after all XP is spent
    • MC14 – Starting base Blood Potency is raised to 2
  • Gain 1 dot of Cadence (More can be gained by gaining City Status in play!)
  • Gain the Masquerade Advantage: Choose an innate aspect of your character, representing how they interact with humans. Gain two Asset Skills. Each Skill only costs x2 to learn, instead of x3. Gain one free Specialty in one of these Asset Skills. See Danse Macabre (p. 41-42) for details, and complete the Traditional Civility document for more perks!
    • Artist (Crafts, Expression)
    • Criminal (Larceny, Streetwise)
    • Executive (Politics, Persuasion)
    • Guru (Academics, Persuasion)
    • Healer (Empathy, Medicine)
    • Junkie (Streetwise, Survival)
    • Investigator (Investigate, Persuasion)
    • Scholar (Academics, Science)
    • Socialite (Persuasion, Socialize)
    • Youth (Athletics, Subterfuge)
  • Gain the Requiem Advantage: Choose an innate aspect of your character, representing their role in Kindred society. Gain an Asset Discipline. Learn the discipline at x4 for In-Clan/Bloodline, x5 for Shadow Cult, x6 for out-of-clan. See Danse Macabre (p.42-43) for details, and complete the Traditional Civility document for more perks! Check for the 50% Rule: No more than 50% of your XP can be spent on a single category, including: Attributes, Skills, Merits, Blood Potency, Morality, Disciplines, Devotions, Ritual Disciplines (Theban and Cruac only, including rituals)
    • Courtesan (Majesty)
    • Enforcer (Protean)
    • Horror (Nightmare)
    • Manipulator (Dominate)
    • Martyr (Obfuscate)
    • Nomad (Animalism)
    • Magus (Auspex)
  • Put your character sheet on the Approvals Database!

03/31/2013 – Domain Meeting Minutes

Domain Meeting:

  • General Welcome
  • DC – Debi Hodges
    • New Positions Available in DC Office
      • ADC Admin – Cortney Mills
      • ADC Check In – Rebecca Bundy
      • ADC Photography – Alex Miller
      • ADC Events – Vacant (Send e-mail to Debi Hodges)
  • New Domain Structure
    • Monthly Fees
      • $5.00 per month of $2.00 per game.
    • Hosts – Minimum Site Standards
      • Clean restrooms
      • Ability to walk/sit comfortably (free of trash and junk)
      • Space to accommodate required number of players
      • Smoking area away from main entrance
    • Players – Site Consideration
      • Player Hygiene – Take a shower on the day of game, wear deodorant, wash your clothes and remember that other people have to smell you.  Please understand that my furniture reeks of BO and stinky person for 2-3 days after games, and this will no longer be tolerated at ANY Dallas game site, if you are not clean, you will be asked to leave.
      • Smoking – Please smoke away from exits and put your butts in an outside receptacle (yes, even a soda can if not at the Hodges) and dispose of receptacle at end of the night.
      • Trash – Please mind your trash and pick up after yourself.  If you spill something, clean up the mess and contact the host.
  • Future Events
  • DST – Robert Hodges
    • New World of Darkness Settings
      • Allies restrictions
      • Domain territory
  • Intro New ST’s to discuss VSS’
    • Requiem
    • The Accord
    • Lost
  • Closing Discussions
    • Website & Forums
    • Open Q&A – Discussions
    • Social Planning for April!!

Domain Meeting on 3/31/2013

If you come to no other meeting this year, come to this one… we will be having a Q&A with the people creating the VSS for next chronicle (Requiem, Accord, and Lost). Also, we will have people available to assist with ordeals, and people available to assist with character creation for the new games. It’s also a great time to build ties and such!

I am hoping to do a potluck dinner, but I need people to actually participate by signing up to bring something… I’ll set up an actual evite soon. :)

You guys rock!

Thanks to everyone that showed up and made last night a blast! I hope everyone enjoyed the Munchies and the game. We got a lot accomplished for such a small group (about 15 people).

Also, Remember domain meeting before next Requiem (Jan 5) to discuss new chronicle games. Be there to have your voice heard.


New Domain Fund Policies for 2013.

I’ve been talking to people from other domains around Texas about how they do fundraising and have gotten some ideas for us going forward…

As of Jan site fees return:

$5 month for everyone. We will be checking off payment on a domain roster each month. We will also take CC payments, with a $1 surcharge, so bring cash and save $!

Snacks will be monitored, we currently have constant access to soda and chips with the “honor system” that just isn’t working. New players may not even know that there is a .25 charge for these things because we’ve been laxed. I’m going to move the chips into the “ooc” area in the breakfast/kitchen area and trust people to police each other. (The feed the cow signs will return as she’s pretty hungry now) .25 isn’t much and if we really want elaborate Feature Games, more than 20% of the domain needs to step up and help. It’s always the same few people who don’t balk about paying and who donate or pay for donated items.On that note, donated foods of all types will be .25 per “serving”. Obviously at socials this doesn’t apply.The big candy bowl will still be “grab and go” since everyone needs a little sugar pick me up now and then.

I know there will be those who say that this is unfair… But we have to make money for the domain functions, and we aren’t exactly a “bikini car wash” kind of group.

If you have constructive comments, please do so… If you have other less constructive comments or complaints, send me a PM. You all know I’m reasonable and will listen to the domain voice.

New DST Office Contact Info

There is now a email address for you to use for contacting the DST Officers as a group, if you just need Robert Hodges, you can still use

Also, Robert will be using the website for announcements as I do…and having them cross post to Facebook.



Debi Hodges
DC Dallas TX (TX-058-D)


New Domain Name!

If you didn’t notice when you came here, we have updated the website URL to Please adjust your bookmarks to reflect this change. I do have the old domain forwarding here, but it expires in about 8 months and it will no longer redirect after that.


Welcome to Minds Eye Society

I wanted to send a shout out to all of the new and returning members that we have in Dallas!  It’s great to have some “fresh blood” in the group.

That being said, several of the newer players have asked “Why don’t you use the forums?” and I ask that frequently.  There is so much downtime RP that could happen there, if people would just make a habit of checking in. Lets make an effort to make this happen and make the site an extension of our already awesome domain!

If you sign up on the forums, please shoot me an email letting me know your user name so that I can approve you.  We prefer you use your real first name, since there are multiple venues and we prefer only one login per person.

Other admin stuff:

Sign up /Renew at – You can retrieve an old Cam number, sign up as a new player, renew, and get to the CRD (Camarilla Resource Database) and Approvals Database here.

Mailing Lists at – Every list that is run by the MES is listed here.  If you have any questions on what to do, please ask one of the domain officers.

Have fun, and I’ll see you at game!