Games coming up

We have three games this month.

10-14-17 will be the Sabbat game. The ST for that game will be AJ.

10-21-17 will be the Werewolf game. The ST for that game will be Gregg.

10-28-17 will be the Vampire C/A game. The ST for that game will be Devon.

In game officers

Prince – Lady Von Jagar (Ventrue)

Seneschal – Adrien Reynard (Toreador)

Harpy – Peter Fredrickson (Malkavian)

Talon – Francesca Zinni (Ventrue)

Talon – Emile Bouchard (Toreador)

Sheriff – Jonas Salmon (Brujah)

Keeper of Elysium – Rick Rude (Ventrue)

Scourge – Wade Brooks (Nosferatu)



Primogen for the Assamites – Ryan Moore                        SMU Campus and University Park

Primogen for the Brujah – Jonas Salmon                            Irving

Primogen for the Gangral – ?                                                ?

Primogen for the Malkavian – Enzo Dubois                       Bishop Arts District

Primogen for the Nosferatu – Wade Brooks                       Design District

Primogen for the Toreador – Emile Bouchard                    Arts District

Primogen for the Tremere – Asar                                         ?

Primogen for the Ventrue – Liam Mcalister                        Business District and Fairgrounds


The Rack is Deep Elem

July 15 Game / Meeting

Quail Run Condos – ClubHouse

All attendees must RSVP by midnight 7/13 per Site Rules to have access to the community.

<<<<<I was able to get the space on 7/15 with the notification that there IS an event 7/16 and they are letting us have it because we book consistently…Site must be SUPER CLEAN before we walk out the door to leave.>>>>>

$5.00 Site Fee

Domain Meeting 5-6
Character Check in 6:30
Game Start 7:00
Game End (Full Stop) 11:00
Clean Up 11-11:30



Date(s) – 07/20/2017 – 07/23/2017

Holiday Inn Austin Midtown

The Mind’s Eye Society would like to formally invite everyone to our national event: MESCON 2017!
Hosted in magnificent Austin, Texas from July 20th to the 23rd.
This will be an incredible weekend of amazing games with amazing people.
Be there and rise from the ashes.