New Prestige Categories

The following list is taken directly from the 2013 Membership Handbook and will be used as the guideline for local (General) prestige.  Please get familiar with the NEW Handbook and feel free to ask any questions that may arise.

Administration – (Up to 80 per month)

  • Serving as a primary coordinator or assistant (Up to 50 prestige per position
  • Serving as a primary storyteller or assistant (Up to 50 prestige per position)

Non-Administrative Game Support (Up to 50 per month)

  • Providing a game site
  • Securing a new game site
  • Submitting a complete plot (comes from ST prestige budget)
  • Portraying non-player characters (comes from ST prestige budget)
  • Creating an in-character newspaper (or doing game articles in a real-life newsletter)
  • Moderating a sanctioned IC email list
  • Serving as an IRC operator
  • Creating or updating a website
  • Donating materials needed for game
  • Attending an organizational meeting not required by an office
  • Providing lodging to players after an event (counts as 1 hour)
  • Other similar tasks

Social/Non-Game Support (Up to 50 per month)

  • Creating or updating a website
  • Securing a site for an event
  • Organizing social events for 5 or more members
  • Producing a newsletter
  • Recruiting a new member
  • Philanthropic donations of time, goods or money (per drive, per month)
  • Establishing a new chapter
  • Creating a recruitment flyer
  • Donations of materials to the club
  • Attend a meeting as general member (maximum 1 hour)
  • Transporting a member long distance (over an hour) to the game or social event without reimbursement
  • Other similar tasks

NOTE: Donating blood or supporting a blood drive is an exception to time-based prestige
and is worth 25 prestige points.